Kent Sparling


Kent Sparling is a composer, sound designer and re-recording mixer based at

Skywalker Sound in Northern California.  He has written music for feature and documentary films, and is the resident composer for Hub and Spokes “Nocturne” podcast.

Having worked on more than 190 films, Kent is adept at blending all the elements of a soundtrack to support the drama.  As a film composer, this makes him uniquely experienced in creating music that works with, and enhances, the soundtrack as a whole.

He has released eight albums of experimental electro-acoustic music, and produced, engineered and mixed for other artists.  Kent was a Composing Fellow at the 2014 Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab: Documentary, and has participated at the same lab as a Sound Design adviser for many years.  He has composed music for films by James Gray, Wayne Wang, Eduardo Sanchez, as well as additional music for films by

Marielle Heller and Miranda July, among others.

“He is willing to take risks and is comfortable with the concept that ‘less is more’. 

This is very rare amongst composers.  Kent is one of the very few.”

-Wayne Wang

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