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Following is an excerpt of the CD liner notes by Eduardo Sanchez for the soundtrack to Seventh Moon:

As I prepared my iTunes playlist for the writing of SEVENTH MOON back in 2006, I came across a few CDs that were given to me by Kent Sparling, one of the sound mixers on my last film.  Kent was a great guy and a joy to work with on ALTERED, so I popped his first CD in thinking that Id at least give it a chance. This is how I found my muse for SEVENTH MOON.

I felt that the soundtrack to SEVENTH MOON had to be as foreign as the setting of the film, and somehow, Kents music tapped directly into what I was imagining as the score for this little trip into hell.  It helped put me in the place I needed to be to write the film.

Before I left for Hong Kong to shoot the film I called Kent to see if hed be open to a collaboration with my go-to composer Antonio (Tony) Cora.  Kent couldnt have been more open to the idea, and after that first phone call between the three of us, I knew I was in good hands.

I told Kent and Tony what I wanted: a score that sounded like you were in a completely unfamiliar and hostile landscape.  But I didnt want it to sound anything like traditional Chinese music, or even the music most films that take place in China sound like.  And although I didnt want a traditional orchestral score, I needed it to be musical at times.  The film at its core is a tragic love story, so I needed there to be an emotional foundation that we could tap into when needed.

Man, that was a lot to ask of two composers that had never even met and lived 3000 miles away from each other!

About a year later, Im sitting on the mixing stage at SKYWALKER SOUND listening to a journey like none Ive ever heard before.  Musical yet mostly instrumentally unidentifiable, to me it sets a high-water mark in non-orchestral film scores.  I still dont know how they made some of the sounds they got into the music, and I dont know exactly what the hell a LATA, RUBBISH HARP or SHENG are, but Im sure glad Tony and Kent knew what to do with them.

- Eduardo Sanchez, September 2009

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